Work Packages

The SILVER project is divided into seven work packages (WP), each one having a responsible leader as well as a special characteristic.

There are physical links between Work Packages 2, 3, 4 and 7 in that these work packages interact to generate the PCP call. The remaining work packages provide a support function to help run the project.

WP1: Project management

This work package consists of administration and management of the project. The objectives are to coordinate all work conducted in the project, to oversee the tasks and work packages, to ensure sound financial management of the project and production of deliverables, and to report to the EC via the contracted reports.

WP2: Creation of generic PCP process

There are three primary areas of work in this work package: firstly, to understand PCP and share this amongst the participants in order to develop a foundation of understanding; secondly, synthesise an agreed process that fits within the legal and political framework of the EU and participating countries; finally, to generate required documents and templates suitable for further use of cross-national PCP calls.

WP3: Creation of specific call for independent living

The main activities of this work package are to gather an understanding of the key requirements and current state of the art, and also to consult with other key stakeholders. The understanding will be synthesised into a functional specification for the call including assessment criteria. These are then captured in specific instances of the artefacts from work package two to enable the PCP call to be launched under work package four.

WP4: Administration of the competition and monitoring pilots

The main activity of this work package is to organize the competition and manage the contracts with the companies selected to run the R&D pilots. Each country is responsible for managing the contracts with companies on the national level under overall coordination of the work package leader. This work package also includes monitoring of all stages of the development of solutions.

WP5: Reviews and recommendations

The objective of this work package is to capture learning from work package four and make recommendations both to the partners and to other parties interested in implementing such scheme in the future. Within SILVER project this learning is used to modify, as necessary, any actions for the ongoing PCP call and the generic process. Recommendations will be generated for upgrading of human resources skills within local, regional and national purchasers in the field of elderly care.

WP6: Dissemination and exploitation of project results

The objective of this work package is to create, evaluate and disseminate the knowledge generated in this project, and to enable the means and channels for communication, among the project partners as well as with the stakeholders. In particular this work package aims at changing the mindset of public procurers and other European decision makers and influence SMEs to see the full potential of PCP.

WP7: Pilots running

The primary objective of this work package is to develop new technologies to address the topic of helping the elderly to live independently. Therefore this work package covers all the activities of the companies who apply and win a contract as part of the SILVER PCP call. This work is expected to be Research and Development of robotic technologies including feasibility studies, prototype development and production runs.