Project Status

May 2012 / WP2

The objective of WP2 (Creation of Generic PCP process) is to gather existing experience and knowledge of Pre-Commercial Procurement and use this to synthesise a process suitable for the use across European national boundaries. WP2 is well underway with reaching this objective, as the tasks in the project have been undertaken according to plan (see below).

Task 2.1 Spread understanding

Material has been distributed about how PCP-like schemes in Holland and the UK are managed, as well as about other experiences of PCP (e.g. internal TSB and NL agency PCP process templates and examples, the Commission’s  InnoPartnering Forum “PCP Design Options Paper”, the PreCo “Enhancing innovation in pre-commercial procurement purchasing processes” report etc.). With the material as a base, a workshop was prepared in Stockholm on the 8th of March. The participant expectations of the workshop were to identify a common ground for a PCP process as well as learning and sharing. Following the workshop, the team now understands what a PCP process is where they didn’t previously. Procurers were also heavily involved in getting feedback and guidance from robotics experts to help us better define the scope of the project.

Task 2.2 Synthesis of Generic Process

At the Stockholm Workshop on the 8th of March, the material from task 2.1 was discussed and a synthesis of the generic process was developed. Special consideration was taken to make the process transnational, and to make use of best practice experiences. Synthesis discussions have continued in the work with task 2.3, resulting in a generic process document draft and artefacts.

Task 2.3 Creation of process artefacts for Phase 1

The Stockholm workshop results were used to draw up a draft general process document, which was discussed and further developed at another workshop in Eindhoven on the 23rd of April. There has also been a third, smaller meeting in London on the 15th of May to develop the general process and discuss the artefacts (such as templates for documents, tender forms and assessment forms) that will accompany the general process document. The general process and artefacts produced in WP2 have been used in WP3 (Creation of specific call for independent living) as formats for the actual PCP.

The list of documents produced so far in WP2 includes:

  • General PCP Process (suitable for transnational PCPs)
  • Invitation to Tender Template
  • Challenge Brief template
  • Guidance (for filling in the tender form)
  • Tender Form
  • End Report Template

The following templates are underway of being created (will be ready in June 2012):

  • FAQ
  • Invitation to Information Meeting
  • Guidance for Assessors
  • Scoring Sheet
  • Preliminary Decision Notice
  • Example Contract (the example contract used will be investigated legally across the SILVER countries)

Task 2.4 Creation of process artefacts for Phases 2 and 3

The approach is to use artefacts for Phases 1, 2 and 3, after suitable modification as necessary. To be really useful, such modification should be based on the actual needs in a transnational PCP such as SILVER. Thus, any modifications will be undertaken later in the SILVER timeline. The possible necessity of this, conclusions of why and how, and any modified templates, will become part of WP4 and WP5 (tying the link between actual experience and taking care of the general results).

Further information:
Nina Widmark, Work Package Leader
[email protected]