Phase 3 / Successful proposals

From the three Phase 2 prototypes – Helping Hand, Lecorob (now LEA) and Iron Arm – only the last two met the competition’s minimum criteria and were allowed to enter the third phase of the SILVER Pre-Commercial Procurement process. Out of the two, only Robot Care Systems (formerly Lerovis) met the minimum threshold in the Phase 3 competition and was invited to sign a contract for the real-life testing of their solution in the SILVER municipalities.

LEA by Robot Care Systems

LEA (Lean Elderly Assistant) robot is designed to enable the elderly to live independently at their own home. Although the elderly are generally healthy and relatively mobile with no cognitive impairment, they can still suffer from symptoms due to their age and related impaired physical health and limited physical mobility. In these cases, LEA can offer help with daily routines and housekeeping. It also stimulates the elderly to stay active and therefore can be used in rehabilitation.

LEA assists elderly in ADL / IADL (instrumental activities of daily living) tasks. It gives support while walking, sitting down and standing up. Furthermore, LEA will be provided with an option for the functional transfer of goods in the household, like picking up objects and transferring them. In this way, LEA is able to help the elderly with the problem of general muscle weakness and tremor.


Cognitive software will be added in Phase 3 in order to enable LEA, for example, to remember and recognize objects, faces and places. Furthermore, LEA will be able to recognize actions and protocols and state within those protocols, as well as sensor readings / perceptions that lead to a state change and possibly deviation of a protocol. This helps monitor daily routines like eating, sleeping and exercising but also find objects, support the memory of the elderly and monitor the taking of medicine.

The consortium started as collaboration between Lerovis BV, HZuyd and Lobeco BV. Lerovis and Lobeco merged into Robot Care Systems, the company that executed Phase 2 of the project.