SILVER Newsletters

Newsletter October 2016

newsletter-2014The very last issue of the SILVER Newsletter covers the next steps of the product development for LEA Care robot as well as the results of the 5 month testing period. In addition, SILVER Consortium shares the learnings of the SILVER project from the procurer’s as well as contractor’s point of views. To sum up, both the procurers as well as Robot Care Systems consider SILVER project as a success and will continue cooperation in the future.

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Newsletter July 2016

newsletter-2014View this SILVER Newsletter to learn about the Phase 3 prototype tests in all the partnering countries. We also tell about the SILVER Final Conference where the results of the SILVER project were shared and recommendations for the future Pre-Commercial Procurement exercises were given. Furthermore, we tell about eHealth Week 2016 where the SILVER project as well as the LEA Care robot were target to great interest.

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Newsletter November 2015

Read the latest SILVER Newsletter to learn about the Phase 2 lab demonstrations in Odense and what the procurers learnt. We also tell about the SILVER Decision panel meeting and share its results. Furthermore, we present you LEA care robot and the ambitious expectations of its creator, Robot Care Systems. We will also invite you to our final workshops which are held during the spring and summer of 2016.

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Newsletter September 2014

newsletter-2014View the latest issue of the SILVER Newsletter to discover what is the current stage of the SILVER Pre-Commercial Procurement process. The newsletter will answer the questions: Which tenderers entered Phase 2? What are the next steps regarding Phase 2 activities? Furthermore, the newsletter also covers the past events as well as announces the recently published call documents.

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Newsletter March 2013

newsletter_imageRead the SILVER Newsletter to learn recent developments on the SILVER project. In this first issue we focus on introducing the SILVER Call for tender: What is the SILVER challenge? How to enter into this PCP competition? What are the next steps after the call is closed? The newsletter also covers the outcome of the SILVER Market Consultation.

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Press releases

6 October, 2016

Successful completion of SILVER, the first cross-national Pre-Commercial Procurement project

The SILVER project searched for new, innovative ways to acquire public sector health services by utilizing a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process. The goal was to find robotics based technologies to help the elderly live longer at home independently. The SILVER project is now completed and the result of this exercise, LEA Care robot, has been designed, tested and evaluated. Read press release

27 November, 2015

SILVER introduces mobile assistant robot for the elderly

SILVER project searches for new, innovative ways to acquire public sector health services by utilizing a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process. The goal is to find new technologies to assist the elderly enabling them to continue living independently at home. With mobile assistant robot LEA the elderly can enjoy homelife even if they have physical or cognitive disabilities. Read press release

1 March, 2013

Active aging: Open call for robotic based pre-commercial solutions

In the European Union, countries are facing tough times in the health and elderly care sector: while populations age and require more care services, countries are under pressure to make these services more cost efficient and effective. The pan-European SILVER project aims to demonstrate how public services can be rejuvenated by procuring R&D services that will develop higher quality and more sustainable elderly care solutions. Read press release

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