The main goal of the SILVER challenge is to develop new innovative robotic solutions that target assisting the elderly and those caring for them with personal activities of daily living. These solutions are not yet on the market, but can be developed and tested within the SILVER PCP period of 2-3 years. These robotics solutions will be able to take over all or part of the work of care givers.

Tenderers should aim at a market introduction of their new solution a maximum of 2-4 years after the end of the PCP. In 2020 the new solutions should make it possible to care for 10% more people with the same amount of staff. But this challenge is not only about costs and time saving, it is also about improving the quality of life of elderly citizens and help them contribute to society as they grow older.

In total 2,150,000 Euros is reserved for the PCP SILVER contracts. The Technology Strategy Board (UK) will act as the Authority that carries out the PCP procurement on behalf and in the name of a cross-border group of SILVER contracting authorities.

To enter into SILVER PCP competition tenderers will be required to register. Registrations for the competition can be made via this registration link.

The last date to register in order to get access to the secure upload facility and the unique SILVER Tender Form is the 5th of June 2013. When the call is closed on the 12th of June 2013, the PCP process will be executed in three phases, ending in April 2016.

Tender documents 

The directions on how to enter SILVER competition and the further details regarding the deadlines can be found from the Invitation to Tender document, download PDF.

The SILVER Challenge Brief contains detailed information about the SILVER PCP challenge and expected oucomes, download PDF.

The Questions and Answers document contains answers to commonly-asked questions about the SILVER Call for tender, download PDF (updated 14th of May 2013).

Questions and answers

All questions concerning the registration, the PCP challenge, the scope and the tender process should be addressed in writing to the contact point: [email protected]

A summation of all questions and answers addressed to the contact point will be added to the SILVER Questions and Answers document. The updated document will also be distributed to all tenderers who have registered for the SILVER Competition. The identity of the questioner will not be disclosed.