SILVER project successfully completed

The project SILVER officially ended on 31 August 2016. The work, however, is not yet compete. The six procurers from five countries are developing plans to continue working with the Robot Care Systems in order to support them in the further development of LEA. Specifically, the prototype of LEA needs to pass several stages of re-design and certification to be ready for commercial procurement. These activities are not coordinated within the SILVER project since the Phase 4 (Commercialization) of the Pre-Commercial Procurement falls out of the scope of the SILVER project.

SILVER in eHealth Week 2016

The SILVER project participated for the “Robotics for Active & Assisted Living” session during the eHealth Week 2016. During the session Robotic Care System CEO Maja Rudinac pitched the LEA Care robot and Funding Manager Andy Leaden (City of Stockport) took part in discussion panel where the benefits and barriers regarding scaling up and implementation of robotics and domestics were covered. Furthermore, the SILVER participated for the eHealth Week expo. The eHealth Week participants were very interested in “test driving” LEA and also the Pre-Commercial Procurement process utilized in the SILVER project was subject to many discussions.

LEA Videos available now!

Three videos has been produced in order to demonstrate the key results of the SILVER project. First of the videos demonstrates the validity of the Pre-Commercial Procurement process to allow new innovations to be developed over a three-phase process. The second video demonstrates the validity of the testing process and end user engagement to support further development of the prototype. The third video focuses on demonstrating the validity of the LEA Care robot to meet the requirements of the procurers. Videos are available via the following links: LEA – Lean Elderly Assistant, LEA User video and LEA Demonstration video.


SILVER Final Conference and Workshop

SILVER_Final_Event_Audience2_ver2SILVER Final Conference was held on the 7th of June in Amsterdam. During the Conference, the results of the SILVER project were shared and recommendations for the future Pre-Commercial Procurement projects were given. Furthermore, Robot Care Systems demonstrated the LEA (Lean Elderly Assistant) and also shared valuable insights from the SME’s point of view. On the same date, the SILVER project hosted a workshop session which took a deeper look into the recommendations for the upcoming Pre-Commercial Procurement exercises. Final Event materials are downloadable via this link.

SILVER Newsletter out now!

silver-birdRead the latest SILVER Newsletter to learn about the Phase 3 prototype tests in all the partnering countries. We also tell about the SILVER Final Conference where the results of the SILVER project were shared and recommendations for the future Pre-Commercial Procurement exercises were given. Furthermore, we tell about eHealth Week 2016 where the SILVER project as well as the LEA Care robot were target to great interest. Read SILVER Newsletter 2016.

eHealth Week 2016: SILVER in Robotics Session

silver-birdSILVER project will participating for the “Robotics for Active & Assisted Living” session during the eHealth Week 2016. The session will be held on the 9th June at 10.30–12.00. During the session the areas where robotics and domotics have added value to people will be identified and practical guidelines for implementation initiatives will we shared. Robot Care Systems CEO Maja Rudinac will be ptiching LEA care robot and Funding Manger Andy Bleaden will be joining the discussion panel where the benefits and barriers regarding scaling up and implementation of robotics and domotics are covered. For more information visit eHealth Week Programme.

Mark your Calendar: SILVER Seminar on 7th June

silver-birdSILVER Final Conference will be held on 7th June in Amsterdam. During the Conference, we will share the results of the SILVER project and discuss the Pre-Commercial Procurement process as an innovative tool for public procurement. Both procurers’ and contractors’ views on Pre-Commercial Procurement as well as on best practices will be shared. Furthermore, the successful Phase 3 solution LEA care robot will be presented by the contractor, Robotics Care Systems. On the same date, SILVER project will host an workshop session which takes a deeper look into the recommendations for the future Pre-Commercial Procurement projects. See the programme and register!

SILVER in Healthcare Innovation Procurement Workshop

Andy_Brussels_May11SILVER was invited to join “Healthcare challenges and the underexploited role of innovation procurement (PPI/ PCP)” workshop which was hosted by DG Connect and the EPP eHealth project on the 11th of May 2016 in Brussels. This workshop brought together key actors and those engaged in healthcare PPI and PCP projects, buyers and supply chain representatives and EC officers. The workshop reviewed current state of the art, considered barriers and opportunities, and proposed future calls to enable the wider adoption of innovation procurement. During the workshop, Funding Manger Andy Bleaden presented the lessons learned as well as the results of the SILVER project.

Join SILVER workshop in Robotics Forum 2016!

silver-birdThe European Robotics Forum is an annual networking conference of euRobotics. In 2016, the event will be held on 21–23 March in Ljubljana, Slovania. The SILVER project will host a workshop on 21 March titled “Pre-Commercial Procurement Enabling Robotics Based Care-Innovations for the Elderly”. The workshop will present the results of the SILVER project as well as introduce the mobile personal assistant LEA. The workshop will also explore the possibilities of PCP when procuring innovations. To see the full programme and to register, please follow this link.

LEA collects innovation awards

Maja02SILVER is very pleased to announce that Robot Care Systems won the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award for Healthcare with LEA. The Award of the Rabobank stimulates entrepreneurs to transform a sustainable idea into a commercially successful innovation. The Robot Care Systems team collected 30,000 euros for the further development of their solution. The Herman Wijffels Innovation Award is just one of the prizes received by the Robot Care Systems. They have also won the Shell LiveWire award and have been found suitable to receive Innovation Credit from FCO Netherlands.