Newsletter October 2016

newsletter-2014The very last issue of the SILVER Newsletter covers the next steps of the product development for LEA Care robot as well as the results of the 5 month testing period. In addition, SILVER Consortium shares the learnings of the SILVER project from the procurer’s as well as contractor’s point of views. To sum up, both the procurers as well as Robot Care Systems consider SILVER project as a success and will continue cooperation in the future.

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Newsletter July 2016

newsletter-2014View this SILVER Newsletter to learn about the Phase 3 prototype tests in all the partnering countries. We also tell about the SILVER Final Conference where the results of the SILVER project were shared and recommendations for the future Pre-Commercial Procurement exercises were given. Furthermore, we tell about eHealth Week 2016 where the SILVER project as well as the LEA Care robot were target to great interest.

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Meeting with tenderers and procurers

SILVER_Utrecht_2014Phase 2 contractors had a meeting with procurers on the 19th September in Utrecht, Netherlands. The goal of the one-day meeting was to go over the next steps of the second phase of the pre-commercial procurement process, such as test process and assessment criteria. In April 2015, all three solutions – Lecorob, Helping and and Iron arm – will be tested regarding time saving, safety and usability at Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark. To learn more about Phase 2, follow link.

Newsletter November 2015

Read the latest SILVER Newsletter to learn about the Phase 2 lab demonstrations in Odense and what the procurers learnt. We also tell about the SILVER Decision panel meeting and share its results. Furthermore, we present you LEA care robot and the ambitious expectations of its creator, Robot Care Systems. We will also invite you to our final workshops which are held during the spring and summer of 2016.

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Newsletter September 2014

newsletter-2014View the latest issue of the SILVER Newsletter to discover what is the current stage of the SILVER Pre-Commercial Procurement process. The newsletter will answer the questions: Which tenderers entered Phase 2? What are the next steps regarding Phase 2 activities? Furthermore, the newsletter also covers the past events as well as announces the recently published call documents.

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SILVER attracts wide interest

SILVER project has attracted wide interest, for example, among the public sector actors as well as innovative companies. During the spring of 2014, the SILVER project has been presented in many events and seminars including IMAILE Capacity Building SeminarI Meeting Experiences Innovation in Health and EC Concentration meeting on PCP. Furthermore, SILVER was invited by the Commission to attend the Information Day for Horizon 2020 for ICT 23 and 24 Robotics to share experiences on running a successful pre-commercial procurement. Regarding the upcoming events, SILVER will be presented during the AAL Forum 2014.

Three tenderers entering phase 2

During the meeting held in London on the 30th of May 2014, Phase 2 tenders were evaluated by a decision panel. Based on this assessment three tenderers were awarded with contracts: Bioservo Technologies with Iron Arm, Alten Mechatronics with Helping Hand and Robocare with Lecorob. The selection was based on an applications process, which outlined the plans for Phase 2. Awards are subject to final contract signature. For detailed information regarding successful tenderers, please follow this link.

Phase 1 has been completed

Phase 1 of the SILVER PCP process has now been completed. Currently the End of Phase reports are begin assessed in terms of satisfactory completion time and quality of the work as well as technical and commercial feasibility of the solutions to address the PCP challenge against the solution requirements. Those that succeeded in Phase 1 evaluation are invited to submit a bid for Services for Phase 2.

Seven tenderers entering phase 1

The phase 1 of the SILVER Pre-Commercial Procurement process has been launched on the 1st of October 2013. This phase is a feasibility study during which successful tenderers are expected to verity the technical, economic and organizational feasibility of their ideas. The phase 1 will last for 6 months ending on the 31st of March 2014. The total budget for this phase is 350.000 EUR. If you want to view all phases of the SILVER Pre-Commercial Procurement process, please follow this link.

Results of the SILVER competition

The SILVER consortium has now finished the assessment phase of the SILVER call for tender. In total, seven small or medium size European companies and/or consortia have succeeded in the assessment stage of the competition. Please note that all proposals are still subject to grant offer and conditions being met. Only after this can the first phase of PCP process be started. To view the summaries of successful proposals, please follow this link.