SILVER (Supporting Independent LiVing for the Elderly through Robotics) is a development project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7).

The SILVER project searches for new technologies to assist elderly people in their everyday lives. By the use of robotics or other related technologies, the elderly can continue independent living at home even if they have physical or cognitive disabilities.

The new technologies and solutions are sought by using a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process. In Europe, the PCP has so far been an under-utilized tool for promoting innovation. One of the aims of this project is to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach to address societal and governmental needs.

News and Events

Meeting with tenderers and procurers

SILVER_Utrecht_2014Phase 2 contractors had a meeting with procurers on the 19th September in Utrecht, Netherlands. The goal of the one-day meeting was to go over the next steps of the second phase of the pre-commercial procurement process, such as test process and assessment criteria. In April 2015, all three solutions – Lecorob, Helping and and Iron arm – will be tested regarding time saving, safety and usability at Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark. To learn more about Phase 2, follow link.

SILVER Newsletter out now!


View the latest issue of the SILVER Newsletter to discover what is the current stage of the SILVER Pre-Commercial Procurement process. The newsletter will answer the questions: Which tenderers entered Phase 2? What are the next steps regarding Phase 2 activities? Furthermore, the newsletter also covers the past events as well as announces the recently published call documents. To read the SILVER Newsletter, follow this link.

SILVER attracts wide interest


SILVER project has attracted wide interest, for example, among the public sector actors as well as innovative companies. During the spring of 2014, the SILVER project has been presented in many events and seminars including IMAILE Capacity Building SeminarI Meeting Experiences Innovation in Health and EC Concentration meeting on PCP. Furthermore, SILVER was invited by the Commission to attend the Information Day for Horizon 2020 for ICT 23 and 24 Robotics to share experiences on running a successful pre-commercial procurement. Regarding the upcoming events, SILVER will be presented during the AAL Forum 2014.